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Buffalo S
Chewies Buffalo S 80 g

Buffalo S

Produktkode : 7377, 7384, 7386, 7388
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Buffalo S

80 g

92,40 kr*
78,54 kr*
Du sparer 13,86 kr*

Buffalo M

130 g

115,95 kr*
98,56 kr*
Du sparer 17,39 kr*

Buffalo L

190 g

145,78 kr*
123,91 kr*
Du sparer 21,87 kr*

Buffalo XL

265 g

170,78 kr*
145,16 kr*
Du sparer 25,62 kr*

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Chewies Buffalo S

Chewie Buffalo are water buffalo horns which best satisfies the species-typical chewing and gnawing. They have an extremely hard consistency, which makes for an extra-long chewing fun. Your inherent form is ideal for the bite of a dog. And their original flavor makes water buffalo horns for dogs much more attractive than traditional cattle horns. We use only "filled" Horns - there are also hollow - which guarantees a longer shelf life. The water buffalo horns are untreated and are ecologically sourced sustainably. Chewie Buffalo Wasserbüffelkauhörner

  • Are ideal for dental care
  • strengthen the jaw muscles
  • are rich in proteins
  • are antiallergic
  • promote species-typical chewing and playfulness
  • are extra durable

They are calm and ideal nervous dogs or dogs in stressful situations. Please give Chewie Buffalo under supervision, which applies to any long-lasting chew that usually simultaneously is a kind of dog toys. And now we wish your dog an extra long and satisfying chewing pleasure! Because our Chewie Buffalo have a very high level of acceptance, because their taste is very attractive for dogs. They love Chewie Buffalo. Woof!

Råprotein 80%
Fugt 12%
Råfedt 3%
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