A Piece of Nature Relax Meadow
JR Farm A Piece of Nature Relax Meadow

A Piece of Nature Relax Meadow

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JR Farm A Piece of Nature Relax Meadow

The Relax Meadow is:

  • a piece of nature for all indoor cats
  • easy to dispose
  • for relaxing and playing
  • suitable for all cats due to its XXL format
  • immediately usable: no sowing or watering necessary
  • a green meadow for 365 days a year

A real piece of meadow for all cats: finally your indoor cat can also enjoy nature. The Relax Meadow consists of 100% dried natural meadow with particularly fine and soft grasses, which are suitable for a cat s consumption. In the particularly large XXL format it offers cats of all sizes the ideal place to relax, play and laze about. No matter whether on the ground, on the cat tree, on a sunny favourite spot or even on the sofa: the Relax Meadow in its stylish shell fits in easily and cleanly at any site. It can be used immediately, without sowing and watering, and provides a year-round meadow for your cat. Soft, cool and comfortable: the Relax Meadow is the perfect place for an extensive midday nap. All cats have waited for this! The dried grasses can also be eaten and thus provide the digestive help necessary for cats. The meadow is refined with real Bavarian catnip from our own cultivation.


Simply remove the foil and without sowing or watering you can place the Relax Meadow at a site of your choice.


  • 1 piece of natural meadow
  • 1 tray

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