Chewies Chew Root - S 170 g

Chew Root - S

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170 g
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96,35 kr*
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Chewies Chew Root - S

Chewies Root Chews are 100% untreated hardwood for your pet dog to satisfy its natural urge to chew thus having a throughout teeth cleaning. Natural root pieces contain small fibers, which can help reduce the existing plaque and prevent plaque buildup. This pretty chewing item doesn't crumble into small pieces, that can hurt your pet.

Most dogs prefer to have the chew immediately, but you can also make it even more attractive by adding small amount of liver pate into spaces inside.

This natural product is strong and durable, offering your dog the months fun and related medical benefits. The penchant for chewing and gnawing is spread over the entire species alike. The Chewies satisfy this desire in a completely natural way. Please let the dog chew the root under supervision, which applies to any long-lasting chew.

If your pet accidentally swallows any loose fibres when chewing, it will simply pass through your dog's digestive system before being excreted naturally.

To be given as a toy or a treat

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